I Am Vincent

58 Stories of love and loneliness in poetry

and prose

By A.F. Winter

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6" x 9"      86 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1511481410
ISBN-10: 1511481412
BISAC: Poetry / Subjects & Themes / Love

For my whole life, I have been looking for love and acceptance. I have had

moments when love was real and it seemed like it would last forever. And

then those moments would pass and I would be alone once more. 
This book is a collection of stories and poetry on my own personal

experiences with love. It is not a place for me to dwell in my own pain and

sorrow. It is an acknowledgement that hate is not the opposite of love;

loneliness is. And in our lives, we travel from one extreme to the other; as a

pendulum swings from one threshold and back again.  
We cannot have love without realizing that love will one day end. And even

in the strongest unions, death will separate the two lovers. In that end, there

will be emptiness. 
Should that stop us from loving? Of course not. Every moment that we are

in love, we are fully alive. We cannot be truly happy without it. 
What should we do with this knowledge? Well if you have love, take the time

to appreciate it and the one you love because it may not always be that way.

If you don’t have it, be patient. If your heart and mind are open, love will find

a way in.